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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClub1st Grade3rd Grade A2nd GradeStage 1Stage 2BStage 3Stage 2ATina Macpherson Cup3rd Grade B1st Grade3rd Grade A2nd GradeStage 1Stage 2BStage 3Stage 2ATina Macpherson Cup3rd Grade B
Adams, ArchieOxley College Cricket Club000010000000010000
Adams, HugoOxley College Cricket Club000010000000010000
Adams, LiamBowral Cricket Club001000000001000000
Aitken, PhillipMittagong Cricket Club000000001000000001
Alcorn, RobertMittagong Cricket Club002000000002000000
Ambrose, KurtisChevalier College Cricket Club010000000010000000
Anderson, NicholasOxley College Cricket Club001000000001000000
Anderson, RichardBowral Cricket Club020000000020000000
Andreas, EdwardBowral Blues Cricket Club Inc.000000400000000400
Angel, TomRobertson Burrawang Cricket Club200000000200000000
Angel, WilliamRobertson Burrawang Cricket Club100000000100000000
Anlezark, LukeMittagong Cricket Club002000000002000000
Appleyard , JulianBowral Cricket Club000100000000100000
Arlington, CameronHill Top Northern Villages Cricket Club002000000002000000
Arthur, JamesBowral Cricket Club000040000000040000
Ash, BradyMittagong Cricket Club000100000000100000
Attwood, PaulBundanoon Cricket Club000000001000000001
Attwood, PiperBundanoon Cricket Club000003001000003001
Ayling, JackOxley College Cricket Club001003000001003000
Badgery, SamanthaBowral Cricket Club000000030000000030
Bailey, CallumBundanoon Cricket Club000300000000300000
Bailey, EthanBundanoon Cricket Club000300000000300000
Bailey, LiamBundanoon Cricket Club000300000000300000
Baines, StevenHill Top Northern Villages Cricket Club002000000002000000
Baldwin, Jack AWingello Tigers Cricket Club200000000200000000
Banfield, GeoffreyMoss Vale Cricket Club002000000002000000
Barber, BenjaminBowral Cricket Club030000000030000000
Barman, HimalMittagong Cricket Club020000000020000000
Barrett-Lennard, Euan PBowral Cricket Club100000000100000000
Barrett-Lennard, SamuelBowral Cricket Club020000400020000400
Barrett-Lennard, TimBowral Cricket Club030000000030000000
Basaglia, MarcoMittagong Cricket Club002000000002000000
Becher, HamiltonBowral Blues Cricket Club Inc.003000000003000000
Beer, MarionHill Top Northern Villages Cricket Club000000030000000030
Bennett, JamesBowral Cricket Club000200000000200000
Benson, AndrewWingello Tigers Cricket Club100000000100000000
Beveridge, ConnorBundanoon Cricket Club000003001000003001
Beveridge, SteveBundanoon Cricket Club000000001000000001
Bhattarai, KishanMoss Vale Cricket Club000030000000030000
Bhattarai, MisanMoss Vale Cricket Club000030000000030000
Biggs, LiamBowral Cricket Club000004000000004000
Binns, DavidBowral Blues Cricket Club Inc.003000000003000000
Blanche, JamesBowral Cricket Club000030000000030000
Blom, TheodoreOxley College Cricket Club000200000000200000
Boese, CharlieMoss Vale Cricket Club000030000000030000
Boot, EdwardOxley College Cricket Club000010000000010000
Booth, AlexanderBundanoon Cricket Club000300000000300000
Booth, AndrewBundanoon Cricket Club000000001000000001
Bordignon, LindaHill Top Northern Villages Cricket Club000000030000000030
Bowden, DeanRobertson Burrawang Cricket Club000200000000200000